My Story

I started learning about web design in high school, this was in 2002. I had taken a web design class and found I had a real passion for it. The web was much different back then. From that day forward crafting web experiences became a hobby for me. After graduating High School, I decided to join the US Army, I've always been very patriotic and this was shortly after the events of 911. I really wanted to do my part and help protect and serve our great nation. I spent seven years in the Army, and decided to get out in 2009 to follow a dream.

My goal was to go back to college and get my Bachelor Degree, and turn my biggest hobby into a career. So I enrolled in college full time taking five classes every quarter, my entire time in college I never failed or dropped one single class. When I commit to something, I am very devoted to what I am doing. I learned so much during my time at college, and my passion for web development grew even stronger.

Today I feel very comfortable doing front-end development, utilizing languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Actionscript3.0 and started dipping my toes in the water with responsive frameworks like Foundation 4. However, my skills don't stop there! I also love developing things for fun using PHP and MySQL when I can find the time.

Why Choose Me?

If you want a website that will look stunning, and target your audience that you want to market for, you have found the right developer. I will take the time to research your target audience so that I can focus my design around them, and this will bring you traffic that keeps coming back. My graphic design experience is also a plus, and I am well versed in the Adobe Creative Suite and am able to help create beautiful graphics for your site if you require them. Before I even start coding your website, I will present you with finalized wireframes and design comps for you to choose from. Then the coding starts, this is where I love getting my hands dirty. If it's front-end or back-end development I can help you reach you bring your website from an awesome idea, into a real life on the web experience. I believe we should look at how the web is going to be coded tomorrow, and try our best to code that way today, following best practice, web standards, and utilizing HTML5 is the key to strong creative websites.©2013 | All Rights Reserved | Designed By Glenn Powell

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