Design Philosophy

Design Around Your User, not Anyone Else 's

My approach to web design is all about the end user. When designing for the web, I believe the key principles are in keeping the brand message strong with a beautifully designed minimal approach. I believe the functionality of the site along with the design should strive for simplicity, and allow room for interactivity with the user. I think that thought provoking content, design, and functionality is the key that opens the door and allows the user to enter into your digital domain. I strive to utilize progressive enhancement in my design, as an enjoyable user experience is my underlining goal.

“ In the Army, whenever I became fed up with meetings, a protocol, and paper work, I could rehabilitate myself by a visit with the troops. Among them, talking to each other as individuals, and listening to each other's stories, I was refreshed and could return to headquarters reassured that, hidden behind administrative entanglements, the military was an enterprise manned by human beings.”
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

I believe the same concept can be applied to web design. When I feel that I am fed up by problems in design, I can rehabilitate myself by talking and communicating with the end users. Talking to them as individuals and listening to their stories can give a clear representation of their user experience through usability testing. Then I can return to work, reassured that hidden behind every problem is a solution manned by a sea of users.©2013 | All Rights Reserved | Designed By Glenn Powell

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